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Constitution-No-DOMAI really wish that, in the midst of all the rejoicing about DOMA being overturned, the local LGBT community leadership had paused for just a second to also acknowledge that the Supreme Court also issued some decisions disastrous to the civil rights of people of color and women by gutting the Voting Rights Act and limiting the scope of sexual harassment cases. Marriage is not the only issue that affects queer folks, not by a long shot, and people within the LGBT community are going to be hurt by these decisions. Moreover, how many times have gay organizations called on other groups to stand in solidarity with them to get support for gay specific initiatives, only to be utterly silent or absent when those groups are under attack or face a loss? Acknowledging those losses while cheering the win would not have taken away from the very significant victory of DOMA being overturned, it would have been an affirmation of our community’s diversity and a recognition of our place in a broader struggle for justice and freedom. But that’s not what happened. The silence says so much.