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Join in the conversation. We began this dialogue on November 21st, 2013. This is part 2, but don’t hesitate to join in!
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prisoner justice event march 2014There is a conflict between the mainstream movement to eliminate gender-based violence and the movement to end mass incarceration. But here are some basic truths:

  • We need to be safe from gender-based violence,
  • Current public policy about gender-based violence does not make us safer,
  • Current public policy about criminal justice devastates our communities,
  • We are reliant on a criminal justice system that is too punitive, misogynistic, violent and racist to keep us safe from gender-based violence.

Let’s talk! This is the continuation of a dialogue for women, trans, genderqueer and gender nonconforming individuals (no cis-men, please) about resolving the differences and contradictions between a feminist struggle for safety and the struggle to end mass incarceration.

Co-sponsored by Holding Our Own, Inc. and the Albany Social Justice Center