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The eighth in a series of Artist Spotlights brought to you by Lady Fest Upstate!

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free cake


Free Cake For Every Creature is the project of Saratoga Springs-based Katie Bennett, who began recording and releasing songs under the name last fall. On last year’s solo tape Young Professional, her voice rarely rises above a hush as if she’s unsure of what she’s going to say next. “Don’t Go Away” is a new recording of a song from that tape and she’s recruited a full band for her Double Double Whammy debut Pretty Good. She sounds more confident here, while still capturing the world-weary optimism that made her earlier work so endearing. “Don’t Go Away” is lived-in and warm, recalling the muted resilience of P.S. Eliot and it fits in nicely with fellow DDW-affiliated artists like Frankie Cosmos and Quarterbacks (who also released a great tape recently), full of awkward pauses and unassuming romanticism.