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Serena-goddess, Serena-sis, please know i am still in a ruby red rage cloud over the racist, misogynistic, BESTIAL treatment you received on July 11, 2015 at the hands of The New York Times.

fresh off the court where you left your latest historic notch, i can’t imagine how you must have felt to have to court this latest attempted assault on your skill, beauty, and fire.  i know you have armor to protect your sensitivities, and shields to safeguard your confidence.  i know you are able to handle acrid onslaughts in poisonous ink.  i know.  i know.  but you/we should never have had to do so.  it is SHAMEFUL that, even after all these years, this foul tripe is the only media/corporate reception you’ve ever known.  it’s not right.

it’s never right.  the ability to cope is not consent.  we will never truly know the geography of all of your scars ~ scars you were never meant to wear, dear sister.  they shamefully bind the full brilliance of your soul scintillation.  you. are. extraordinary.  clearly, suga, you were always meant to shine.

you know this.  i know you know this.  but i also want you to know that you are not alone.  we too know what it is to be force-fed a rotten fecal stew of ugly bigotry.  we read the article and cried with you.  we still ache and fume fire with you.  we may not know your fame (and therefore the international reach of this intended humiliation) but we know your pain.  it echoes the oppression that permeates our daily realities.  it haunts our dreams.  this too we know to be intentional: to convince us that even in the midst of our extraordinary excellence we are not worthy of embrace.  >:(

hell.  fuck ’em.

you are loved and adored.  you are a superhero ~ even to this non-sports fan.  alla we, your sisters/brothers/spirits/fans/&kin, firmly hold you close, both virtually and physically.  our pride in you and the Williams sisters’ legacy is undimmed.  we can help shoulder your pain.  we do that for each other so that we can survive.  then, once again, when you are ready, we’ll strut together steeped in *sparkling Black gurl magic*: we’ll stomp their swamps. giggle and preen at their stares. we’ll leave them in our dust, gagging yet again at our wondrous resilience.

((( <3 )))




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here is the vile NYT article by Ben Rothenberg being referenced in this post:

please note that many have found it deeply offensive — proceed at your own risk.  >:(

‘n when you’re done check out Ta-Nehisi Coates’ “Letter to My Son” as a powerful palate cleanser for the soul:

“Here is what I would like for you to know: In America, it is traditional to destroy the Black body—it is heritage.”


~ blkcowrie