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Ancestral Vessels of Feminist Resistance:  An Immersive Healing Experience for SurvivorsAncestral Vessels Image

In the series Ancestral Vessels of Feminist Resistance, Rosy Sunshine creates an immersive healing experience through video, song and color-filled Goddesses that explore the power to reclaim the physical realm and thrive after acts of gender-based violence. Exhausted by countless stories of objectification, gender policing, sexual abuse and harassment, as well as her own experiences with violence in many forms, Rosy Sunshine’s work builds a feminist tribe that forms an impenetrable fortress of delicate strength and fierce resistance.

Her art is a reminder that we have always been powerful, vibrant and present just as we are, no matter what we’ve survived. Centuries of ancestral strength and knowledge flow through us. We can and will continue to be vivacious, pulsating, and beautiful in our paths towards healing. We can and will continue to challenge and break generational patterns of silence that no longer serve us.
Please join us as we celebrate Rosy Sunshine’s debut exhibition for Troy Night Out!

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About the Artist: Rosy Sunshine is a Queer-Dominican artist from the pre-gentrified, Lower East Side of Manhattan, currently residing in Upstate, NY. Her art seeks to uplift and inspire survivors of violence. Rosy Sunshine’s work also strives to heal former perpetrators of violence who are actively working towards peace, accountability and rebirth.

About the Gallery: Photographic Expressions is a woman of color operated studio and gallery that features artists working in photographically based mediums such as digital or film photography, digital or electronic media, mixed media and installation. Chief Photographer and Gallery Director, Pilar Arthur Snead, is an accomplished artist having had her own photographically based work featured in galleries in Albany, NY, Chicago, IL and Los Angeles, CA.

Limited Accessibility: Photographic Expressions Studio is on the 1st floor of the building. There are 4 steps on a stoop to enter, as well as one additional step at the top of the landing. The door to enter is narrow however, the gallery is spacious.