Engaging Feminisms, Engaging Community: Tentative Agenda

[10:00 – 10:10]          Registration, Coffee, Snacks and Socializing

[10:10 – 10:30]          Ice breaker, Introductions & Overview:
Who are you? What is your work? What brought you here? What do you hope to gain?
Report on the results from the first Engaging Feminisms workshop

[10:30-11:30]          Breakout Groups — Defining Problems and Barriers:
What immediate problems impact feminist work around social justice struggles on these issues in the Capital Region? What keeps us from addressing these challenges collaboratively and successfully?

    Breakout tracks will include:
  • Intimate, Community and State Violence
  • Environment, Food Security and Habitat
  • Globalization, (Im)Migration and Citizenship
  • Bodies, Health and Reproductive Justice
  • Economic inequality, Labor, and Education

[11:30 – 12:00]          Large Group Conversation– Report back on Problems and Barriers

[12:00 – 1:00]          Vegetarian LUNCH, Catered by the Honest Weight Food Co-op. Vegan and Gluten-free items available

[1:00 – 2:00]          Large Group Discussion & Work Groups — Defining Resources and Allies:
What resources do we have for tackling these problems? Who are our constituencies and allies? Who else needs to be in the discussion? We will match needs/problems to resources/allies.

    Work groups will include:
  • Community Organizers and Activists
  • Faculty and Staff
  • Students

[2:00 – 3:00]          Assembly: Institutionalizing our Work Together
Do we want to proceed? How? What are the barriers that have kept up from working effectively together in the past, and how do we get beyond them? How do we want to institutionalize these new partnerships?