Fabulous Feminists Awards Categories 2013

Game Changer

We are seeking individuals who are catalysts for change either within an organization or in the larger political context. They envision a different kind of world and may be seen as “visionary” or “inspirational.” Game Changers spark ideas or strategies that may change the trajectory or culture of an organization or movement. They may have founded an organization, started a project or program, or created new movement around a specific issue or issues.

Creative Force

The Creative Force award recognizes individuals who use the arts or other expressive talent as a catalyst for feminist social change.  They may be writers, painters, dancers, filmmakers, etc. who use their artwork as a strategy for raising awareness around issues, to inspire or be part of protests and actions, to facilitate dialogues and convene community or any other creative approach to promoting feminism. Nominees may also include persons who have used art as a form of protest and resistance.

the Nexus Award—New!

This award goes to individuals who are transformational leaders whose work is defined by creating connections between and amongst different communities, issues and/or organizations, or who bring a feminist analysis and voice to issue areas not traditionally seen as “women’s issues.”  They are marked by a willingness to work with feet in multiple worlds, often belonging to none or to all. The Nexus Award goes to one who creates the connections that make feminist community and movement building possible. They can be mediators, listeners or advocates.  Their work lives at the intersections in a way that clearly demonstrates that “all issues are women’s issues.” They might have initiated collaborative actions or efforts, convened representatives / participants from multiple communities or issue areas, and opened dialogue to facilitate healing and understanding. They are visionaries whose work challenges us to remember that we are more powerful together than separate.

Life time Achievement/Legacy

The Lifetime Achievement or Legacy Awards go to the pioneers “on whose shoulders we stand”. These are the local women who spearheaded, laid the bricks in the foundation, and shaped the future of the women’s community. These agents of change were on the cutting edge of creating feminist community locally. They did the ground breaking, backbreaking  work of starting something from nothing. Their vision, integrity and commitment created  spaces for women/feminists to have the hard conversations. They struggled  through the process of creating an analysis, a platform, and building community support for a legacy that they will or have already  left for generations to come. They brought what was happening on the national level home or took what was happening locally to the national level. They made us a home.


Sustainers are those persons who consistently, regularly and generously give of themselves. These are the individuals who do the thankless and often unseen tasks necessary to maintaining organizations and movements. They are the ones everyone else relies on to lick envelopes, sell tickets, buy tickets, participate in fundraisers, write newsletters, pick up supplies, attend most events (and get their friends to attend), arrive early to set-up and stay late to clean-up.  Sustainers are the lifeblood of organizations.

Next Waver

This award goes to individuals who are relatively new to feminist social justice work, but whose work already shows promise of and strong dedication to continuing and/or ushering in the next wave of feminist social justice activity. The Next Waver may be young persons or they may be older persons entering the world of feminist activism for the first time.

Badass Feminist

This award goes to bold feminists who unabashedly fly their feminist flag and bring an unwavering feminist critique wherever they go. Badass Feminists are not afraid to “cause a scene” or make noise in pursuit of feminist social justice, and in fact often see the necessity of doing so. They are the ones leading demonstrations, carrying out direct actions, and penning feminist critiques and calls to action. They consistently call out privilege and raise critical consciousness in whatever organizations and/or movements in which they are working. They never back down from an opportunity to speak truth to power – biting their tongue  is not in their nature.

Pick Your Own Category! (open to everyone including cis-men) –New!

We know we can’t think of everything, so we are hoping you will come up with your own. Be creative, have fun, and help us make sure we cover all the different kinds of contributions required to make our community rock!

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