The Movement Building Fund


Holding Our Own invites applications to our new Movement Building Fund.  The Fund is an emergency grant fund that makes grants up to $1000 available on a rolling basis to fund or sponsor actions, activities, and organizing efforts community-wide to respond to the ongoing attack on basic human rights. (see below for details) Organizers in the Capital Region are invited to submit requests for financial support for materials, trainers and experts, transportation, and any other resources needed to build a wall of resistance. All emergency funds will be distributed in a manner consistent with our principles which can be found here). We are trying to keep it simple and quick to make a request. Scroll down to find out how.



Many of us were sickened, overwhelmed, and frightened by the news we woke up to on Wednesday, November 9, 2016. Confronted by the success of a campaign fundamentally built on misogyny, bigotry, racism, and fear, many of us felt helpless. Today we know we’re notToday we see the strength, power, and potential of the social justice communities we have been part of for decades.

Across issue areas and strategies, across race and gender and other identities, in nonprofits, community centers, college campuses, and neighborhoods, our communities have been building a wall of resistance — a network of people committed to justice and each other, equipped with skill and talent and the ability to mobilize. We will get each other through this period and beyond. Everyday, people are organizing, sharing information, and strategizing on how to protect ourselves and the people and communities we love, how to build power and safety, and how to strengthen and sustain communities of resistance.  Holding Our Own is proud to fund that work.


How to Apply

To apply for an emergency grant from Holding Our Own’s Movement Building Fund:

  • Make your request in a single page
  • Requests must be submitted by the 5th of the month to be considered that month.
  • Review meetings will by held no later than the 15th of each month with decisions issued prior to the end of the month.
  • Your project must be consistent with our general principles.
  • Explain how the work you are doing is feminist.
  • Explain how the work you are doing impacts social justice.
  • Explain precisely how grant funds will be spent.
  • Explain what makes your request urgent. Specifically, what would happen if you didn’t have the money right now to do what you want?
  • Download a copy to review, but all applications must be filled out electronically online. Here.←(this will be live soon:))

Questions? Please contact us using this form. If you would like a call back, please include your phone number.